Picture from The Des Moines Register

Picture from The Des Moines Register

My hope is, at least 2 people started singing Europe. At any rate, living in Iowa, there is a lot of excitement in the air. Presidential candidates running around our cities, interacting in our everyday lives acting like they enjoy our lifestyles, fighting for votes before we kick off the caucus that will help shape their political paths to an election day, inaugural day or back to tv shows.

If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of one of your favorite candidates, you can always check out The Des Moines Register’s Candidate Tracker  If you go to the candidate tracker you have the capability of sorting by one of three democratic candidates or one of 12 republican candidates. Yes, 12. Some people just don’t get the hint.

Remember to also make sure you are a registered voter AND a member of the party you are planning to caucus for. This means, no, you can’t go caucus for Bernie if you are a registered Republican or if you are a registered Independent you are side-lined and can’t play. You have to pick a team and change your party affiliation if this is what you want to do on February 1st. This doesn’t mean you have to vote November 8th for whoever you caucus for. (Chances are they won’t even make it to the big dance in the fall.) Find out your caucus locations as a Donkey here and your caucus locations as an Elephant here.

One more thing, per an email response from the Office of Iowa Secretary of State Paul D. Pate, “The political parties have pulled voter data to prepare their lists which means that a new registration or a change to a voter’s registration record that is completed and submitted from this date forward will not  show up on caucus night registration lists.”  What does this mean? If you are a newly registered voter or a voter with recent registration changes (like changing your address, party affiliation, etc) you may be asked to fill out a form on caucus night.  Bringing a completed voter registration form with you to the caucus may help speed up the process.  Here is the Voter Registration Form.

Cheers and Happy Caucusing.