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Who is Focus OneSource?

Founded in 2008 by industry veterans John Hovey and Mike Teachout, Focus OneSource is Iowa’s premier professional employer organization. With a mission to improve small to medium-size businesses’ profitability and productivity, Focus OneSource offers one resource for employee benefits, human resource administration, payroll and tax processing and marketing & communication solutions. Focus OneSource is the best solution for coordinating the entire business lifecycle. The founders pride themselves on operating as a full-service human resources department and deliver a comprehensive range of solutions that provide clients with a level of support and value previously only available at much larger companies.

We Work the Way Our Clients Do

Focus OneSource offers the first managed service uniquely designed to offer business owners the information and strategic tools needed to create a distinct competitive advantage and build a more efficient business. Unlike traditional insurance agents, Focus OneSource provides its clients with tailored solutions to meet their evolving business needs without the hassle of having to partner with multiple providers for core employee services. Focus OneSource will provide these services within a “bundled” approach or on a per “choice” option, depending on the customer’s needs and desires.

Focus OneSource’s Rich History

Focus OneSource was started by human resources administration and insurance industry veterans, John Hovey and Mike Teachout. With more than 50 years of combined service, the two founded the company based on the principles of trust, choice, transparency and value. Most recently, Mike Teachout was the CEO of Coventry Healthcare of Iowa and John Hovey the CEO of Merit Resources which he helped to start more than 18 years ago. Recognizing an enormous void in the rapidly changing employee benefit landscape for providers of critical employee benefits and a vital business services, Focus OneSource aims to partner with organizations to increase their productivity and profitability. Focus OneSource understands business owners’ desire to work in their business and is committed to offering services that drive organizational success. Focus OneSource and their team of human resource and benefit professionals work with businesses to determine which practices and offerings will have the most positive impact on the bottom line.

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The Value Focus OneSource Brings To Your Organization

Focus OneSource offers large company benefits and ensures human resources compliance for organizations of any size. By partnering with Focus OneSource payroll and benefits administration is made simple. Our friendly and knowledgeable team help manage day to day human resources responsibilities and functions so owners can focus on their business.

Business owners get the benefits of reduced employer liability, improved financial health, and greater efficiency and productivity among employees. In addition, employees are offered a wide variety of benefits that would not typically be available to them at a smaller company.