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Why would a business use a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Focus OneSource?

In today’s new economy business owners and managers need to focus their time and efforts on the “business of their business” and not on the “business of employment”.

  • Focus OneSource offers lower cost employee benefit programs by leveraging the purchasing power of many employers and by eliminating unnecessary insurance company administrative charges and distribution costs such as commissions. It is through the co-employment relationship that customers of Focus OneSource attain meaningful economies of scale that they simply cannot obtain on their own.
  • Business owners do not have the necessary human resource training, payroll and accounting skills, knowledge of regulatory compliance and employee benefit programs that are essential to conduct business efficiently and effectively. Companies that have a professional human resource department find that Focus OneSource provides a valuable service that complements and supports the department’s strategic initiatives that need their expertise in implementing to advance the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Focus OneSource provides work site employees with coverage under the entire spectrum of employment laws and regulation, including federal, state, and local discrimination laws, Title VVI of the Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, ADA, HIPPA, Equal Pay Act, FLMA and COBRA. In some cases, these laws may not apply and protect workers at a small business without the Focus OneSource relationship since there may be exemptions based upon the number of employees.

Does the owner/manager lose control of his or her business under the Focus OneSource arrangement?

No. The client always retains ownership of the company and manages the day-to-day activities of employees.

Why would my employees want to be in a relationship with Focus OneSource?

Focus OneSource provides exceptional employee benefit programs including a wide selection of affordable health and retirement plans at low administrative charges, and the satisfaction of knowing that their payroll will be processed on time, accurately and available to be viewed online via the Web.